February 15

Emily Daws

Emily Daws Blog

Miss Daws has been teaching for six years. Prior to starting at Barwon Heads Primary School, Miss Daws taught at Portarlington Primary School and Middle Indigo Primary School.


What grade levels have you taught? I have taught grades Prep, One and Two over the past six years.

Where did you grow up? I was born in North East Victoria and grew up in a small town called Tarrawingee. I moved to Geelong in 2011 after receiving a job offer at Portarlington Primary School.

What do you like doing in your free time? I enjoy reading, spending time with friends, keeping fit, gardening and cooking.

Do you have any pets? I have a Birman cat called Jasper and a Toy Poodle called Pepe Le Poodle (Pepe for short!)


Did You Know?

* Both of my parents were teachers and my sister is also a teacher. You could say that it’s our family business!

My sister teaches at Lara Primary School

* As a child I spent a lot of time in Ocean Grove because my Grandma lived there.



26 thoughts on “Emily Daws

    1. missemilydaws (Post author)

      Hi Tex,
      It is very funny isn’t it! My cat weighs 5.3 Kg and my dog is only 3.5 Kg. Jasper the cat is definitely the boss!
      From Miss Daws

  1. Gracie

    Dear Miss Daws,
    It’s gracie here from 3A
    You always tell funny jokes.
    I love your blog it is really interesting. Hows Pepe and Jasper? I hope they are ok
    From your old Student Gracie

    1. missemilydaws (Post author)

      Hi Gracie,
      Jasper and Pepe are great 🙂 Although Pepe did wake me up at 2am last night because he was barking and growling at a moth on the wall! Crazy dog!
      Thanks for stopping by our blog. Hope you are enjoying grade 3!
      Miss Daws

  2. ginger

    Hi dawsy dinosaur,
    thank you for teaching me last year
    I had a great year and I and wish I was in your class.
    I really liked it in 2A and I hope you are having a Great year in your new class. I really like it in 3B but not as much as grade 2.
    thanks heaps for teaching me so much in grade 2.
    PS. josh misses you alot.

    1. missemilydaws (Post author)

      Hi Ginger!
      It was my pleasure to teach you last year! I had a fantastic year with our old class! Lots of great memories! 🙂 🙂
      Luckily, I have a great grade again, this year 🙂 Although all the kids at BHPS are pretty awesome!
      Miss Daws

  3. meg

    Hi Dawsy
    how is your class it is killing me not to hear your jokes . I bet your class love your jokes I miss you more then ever
    from your old student


    1. missemilydaws (Post author)

      Hi Meg,
      Thanks for your comment. You have made me smile 🙂
      I am really lucky to have another awesome class this year.
      Hope you are learning heaps and having fun in grade 3!
      From Miss Daws

  4. Jonesy (Indianna jones)

    um i think you have the wrong miss Daws. Katrina Daws is the funnier teacher!!!!
    Katrina Daws is the funniest, pretty, fantabulous PERSON in the whole ENTIRE WORLD!!!!!!!=)

    1. missemilydaws (Post author)

      Dear Jonsey,
      I see that my sister has fooled you into thinking that she is the ‘funnier’ teacher. This is a common misunderstanding and to be honest it is simply not true. I hope that she has given you some kind of reward for the kind words that you have said about her.
      The real Miss Daws 🙂
      I’ve taught her everything she knows Haha!!

  5. Poppy TMcG

    Hi Dawsy,
    I really liked eating the food but my favourite was the marshmallows.

    Even though this is not about maths it was great fun making our new writers notebooks.

  6. Taiyo

    Hi Dawsy I really like your jokes also it was even funnier when you said butt!! when mrs rogen stepped in from Taiyo.

  7. Maggie ,Eliza,Khy,Angus F

    Hi Miss Daws,
    I like the way you teach me how to do maths
    From AngusF

    Hi Miss Daws,
    I think you are the best teacher in the world
    From maggie

    You are the cool
    From Khy

    You are sooooooo funny
    From Eliza

  8. Maggie

    “Hi Daws Doctor,
    I am doing a project on Thailand and I can’t wait for your class to see it and i love you so much for being the funniest teacher ”
    Love from mag’s
    P.S I want you to be my grade 3 teacher.

  9. Zoe

    Hi Miss Daws ,
    You are really the best teacher on earth thank you for being my teacher in grade two it was a good year for me and for everyone in that class.
    From Zoe


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