February 25

What does the Reader’s Workshop look like in 2A?

Part One

Whole class reading strategy mini lesson (10-15 minutes)

Our teacher will introduce a reading strategy to us during this time and show us how to use it effectively.

Part Two

Independent reading and conferring (20 minutes)

Everyone in grade 2 has their own book box. This is where we put our good fit books. During this time we will read a good fit book independently, practising the reading strategy that has just been covered during the mini lesson or a goal that our teacher has given us.

IMG_3150                                       IMG_3152

Part Three

Purposeful reading tasks (20-25 minutes)

During this time we work on a purposeful reading task. The focus is always on reading and/or responding to reading.

Part Four

Reflection (5 minutes)

This is where we reflect on our learning.


1 thoughts on “What does the Reader’s Workshop look like in 2A?

  1. ginger

    hi again,
    I like how you are doing reading this year.
    I am doing the Reader R this year as well as alot of chapter books.



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